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Almyrida Chania

Panoramic view A seaside place, inhabited only by fishermen in the past, attracts many visitors mainly thanks to the clean sandy beach. There are traces from the past, like the mosaic of a church built in the 6th century and the ruins of a city in the small island of Karga. Almyrida has been developed and organized in the tourist domain; guests can enjoy their holidays with water sports activities, clubbing, and nice and clean home made food .


Panoramic view Two historic and magnificently beautiful places
Elafonisi Island is 100 m. away from the coast. The waters are shallow and one can walk to the island. The vegetation is not very thick, but the beach is wonderful around the island. The best way to reach Elafonisi is by boat from Palaiochora. It is a magnificent sea excursion. From Cavo Crio the island and the turquoise sea water are a spectacle to view. Elafonisi has been connected historically with Egyptian Pasha Hibraem whose anger slaughtered to death innocent women and children and a few armed men who had escaped there hoping to survive, in 1824. A Turk from Temenia who knew the passage, led the army to the island; it was Easter Sunday, when 850 people were slaughtered, except one, who escaped by swimming.


Panoramic view

Ancient Falassarna is 59 km in the south of Chania, with two wonderful beaches. In the location of today’s Falassarna, was the ancient harbor of Polyrenia. The name Falassarna belonged to an ancient nymph. In antiquity Falassarna was more important than Polyrenia; they had their own coin. One side of the coin had the head of a woman and the other the Greek letter ΦΑ.


Panoramic view

The wild Gramvousa is the North West side of Crete. A splendid place which can only be compared to the tropical beaches.

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