Walking and Trekking Routes

Panoramic viewMost travelers claim that walking is the way to come in contact with the world. Crete can be characterized by this notion, since there are many sandy beaches, magnificent forests, mountains tops, and ancient towns, shepherds places “mitata” and “koumoi”, which one can reach only by walking, certainly not by driving!

There are gorges, rivers, treks, lakes, which take our steps to a virgin nature rich in pictures, perfumes, tastes.

If you climb up the bare mountains in Chania “Chaniotikes Madares”, you will have a magnificent view to both Cretan in the North and Libyan Sea in the South.

In Chania, you can also visit many caves with unique finding from the antiquity and beautiful rooms with stalagmites and stalactites.

The famous Cretan wild goat, Kri Kri lives in the mountain rocks. Above the mountains tops wild predatory birds live like the Golden Eagle and the Lammergeyer. The famous curative dictamnus also grows here since antiquity.

Water Sports

Panoramic view Crete and especially Chania, are famous for their sandy golden beaches, monuments and archaeological places. But only a few people know they can reach Crete through the sea with a nice sailing vessel. The Venetian port offers all facilities for such a vessel to dock; sailors with experience can really enjoy and live unique moments in the Cretan Sea.

Sandy beaches in the North and South of the island are good destinations, bays’ explorations, swimming and several other sea adventures are offered for the lovers of water sports. Diving is another magnificent activity; since the bottom of the sea in Chania is ideal.

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