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Plaka, Chania

Plaka is located 22 km from Chania, part of the Municipality of Vamos, in Apokoronas district.  Built in 70m above sea, Plaka offers a view to Souda bay and Akrotiri peninsula in the north west; Drapanokefala is in the east and White Mountains in the south fascinate with their grand volumes.

There are permanent residents in Plaka, all year.  Recently, it has been an attractive spot also for foreigners to live permanently.  In the summer time, local people and visitors create an enjoying vivid picture.

Colorful narrow roads, traditional houses and popular architecture compose a pleasant environment to stay.  Healthy climate, pure traditional products, good mannered and hospitable people, anything a guest would ask to have a nice time.

At the same time, the nature around, beautiful and unpredictable, offers the opportunity for long walks on the seaside, to explore the caves on the rocky beaches or in the mainland to see the olive trees, the vineyards and the local luxuriant vegetation.

The village’s position gives all guests the opportunity to enjoy the sea on Almyrida beach, which is 1 km away, to walk to nearby villages or alternatively to relax in the simple, quiet and pleasant environment of the village, to meet the locals and to try the local specials and tastes.

Almyrida Chania

A seaside place, inhabited only by fishermen in the past, attracts many visitors mainly thanks to the clean sandy beach. There are traces from the past, like the mosaic of a church built in the 6th century and the ruins of a city in the small island of Karga. Almyrida has been developed and organized in the tourist domain; guests can enjoy their holidays with water sports activities, clubbing, and nice and clean home made food.

Chania, Crete

Chania is one of the most beautiful cities, extraordinarily charming, where old and new elements blend uniquely. The old town has beautiful old stone buildings and picturesque narrow roads which hide wonderful surprises, something to remember! Venetian port is inviting for long promenades. Chania is synonym to style, grace, charm.

Apokoronas district, Chania

Apokoronas is an important district in the Municipality of Chania; it includes 75 villages and clusters of houses all together. It is a place with thick vegetation, dominated by the White Mountains, with innumerable natural beauties. It is also a very famous destination with sandy beaches to reveal, important monuments, Kournas Lake, castles, churches, caves, interesting house architectural and most importantly simple smiling people.


Crete is one of the biggest islands in Mediterranean, bragging for its natural beauties, unique cultural elements, important history, natural and archaeological treasures, hospitable and unique people.

It has a temperate climate, sunshine most of the days of the year, fantastic beaches, high mountains which hide unbelievable beauties, special flora and fauna; all these elements compose a natural and simple way of living, making the people simple, pleasant, reinforcing the unique Cretan temperament, which is characterized by the soul strength, optimism and joy of life and creativity.

The Minoan Civilization is the foundation of a strong historical past which boosts Cretans today to build an even stronger present with great cultural achievements, like the traditional Cretan music is today, amongst other… Cretans have the right to feel proud for the history of their island, their heroic ancestors’ past and their love for tradition and freedom.


  • Chania Airport 33km, ~30 min.
  • Souda Port, Chania, 16km, ~20 min.
  • Chania, 24 km, ~30 min.
  • Rethymnon, 40 km, 45 min.
  • Heraklion, 119 km, ~ 110 min.
  • Heraklion Airport 123 km, 110 min.
  • Agios Nikolaos, 182 km, ~3 hrs
  • Kournas Lake, 23 km, ~30 min.
  • Elafonis, 94 km, ~90 min.
  • Gramvousa, 75 km, ~ 90 min.


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